Sunday, January 16, 2011

Venturing Back

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack........Well, folks I am stepping back into the world of romance novels.  Life has had it's ups and and downs and I had found new interests but I am delving back into those books that I love so much.  In the past there was never a time you couldn't find me engrossed in a book and find books lying every where you looked. Much to my husbands horror anyway.  I have reviewed for other sites such as Roundtable reviews and Romance Junkies but going a step even further and starting my own blog.  How it will work I really can't say, as I do have a teenager that I am homeschooling and working a full time job.  So I am going to give this a go guys and well see where it takes me. I hope that it is successful and people do enjoy it and in turn I enjoy doing it.  So see you guys around the webverse.....TTFN!!!


Holly said...

Hooray! Welcome to the darkside.

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